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Sample: Employment Branding

Project: Create a recruitment marketing campaign that defined the company and attracted more qualified applicants.

My Role: Creative Strategist

When HR recruiters for this innovator in ATM technology engaged potential employees, they were met with the one question: “What’s Metavante?” As lead creative strategist, I created a recruitment branding campaign designed to answered that question by featuring the skill, diversity, and talent of the employees who make the company great.

Success: Our metrics showed increased name recognition and more qualified applicants. The campaign also won several recruitment advertising industry awards for creativity.

Sample: Product Development

Project: Write an authentic editorial voice for a celebrity product line.

My Role: Writer/Editor

The late Dr. Maya Angelou had a unique ability to inspire. Her brand was a natural fit for personal expressions products. As a member of the inaugural writing team, I worked with Dr. Angelou to find the best way to translate her voice and brainstorm additional products to create her lifestyle line.

Success: Dr. Angelou’s line, Life Mosaics, was one of the most successful new line launches in company history, outperforming our original projections.

Sample: Content Creation

Project: Write copy that sounds authentic, reflects trends, appeals to a mass audience.

My Role: Senior Writer

Greeting Cards! (I know, I know). They’re cheesy until a baby is born, a loved one is sick, a birthday needs celebrating–and next thing you know, you’re weeping in the card aisle at Target. Working as a senior content creator in this $8 billion industry has given me valuable experience in trend research, SEO/SERP maximization, multicultural marketing, and editorial voices.

Success: The copy pictured above was adapted from a best-selling card and repurposed for social media.

Sample: Recruitment Marketing

Project: Design a call to action that encouraged applicants from a diversity of majors to apply.

My Role: Creative Strategist

Attracting new college grads with marketing degrees was no problem for this leader in consumer insights. But attracting brilliant minds from other majors was a challenge. As lead creative strategist, I created fresh messaging that was versatile enough for in person college fairs or online landing pages.

Success: Our metrics showed a significant uptick of diverse majors engaging with the company. The advertising also won several advertising industry awards for content.

Sample: Corporate Blog

Project: Write a client-friendly post to introduce the company’s diversity assessment services.

My Role: Writer

Corporate diversity initiatives can feel awkward or insincere. As a writer/editor, I was charged with writing a warm, conversational piece that invited our clients to utilize the company’s services for a deeper understanding of diversity and its impact on the bottom line.

Success: The company established itself as a local leader in diversity assessment and multicultural consulting.

Sample: Journalism

Project: Conduct interviews and write public interest articles.

My Role: Writer

Canine Guru Cesar Milan came to Northeast Ohio and I pitched the idea to a local magazine, secured the interview, and wrote the article.

Success: Woof!

Sample: Playwriting

Project: Research, write, and teach plays that explore current and historical events.

My Role: Playwright

My play, Rastus and Hattie, won a $50,000 Joyce Foundation Fellowship, an Ohio Arts Council Individual Excellence Award, and a Kilroy’s List Honorable Mention. It was a Eugene O’Neill Playwrights Conference finalist, a Bay Area Playwrights Foundation finalist, and had productions in Cleveland, Chicago, and Kansas City.

Success: The success of this play led to commissions from professional theatres.